More than 25 Years Experience in Intercultural Marketing

21 Mio. people with a Migration Background,

11 Mio. Foreign Population in Germany.

Through Intercultural Marketing you will reach the economically important migrant target groups in their own languages.

Advantages of Intercultural Marketing

Send out believable signals

Show your target group that you perceive, appreciate and understand their cultural environment.

Easier to understand

By speaking the languages of your consumers, your message is easier to understand and enjoys  greater acceptance.

Facilitate identification

 Intercultural target groups will enhance identification with your products and services, as you consider intercultural characteristics.

High hit rate through targeted addressing

We advertise in media that are specialized in specific migrant groups.

People with a migration background form a heterogeneous advertising-relevant target group. We know who they are, how the regional distributions are and how to reach them most effectively.

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